Woburn Showcase - Fun Run 1982

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If you recognize anyone, please send me their name (with the picture number) so we can post it.

certificate_1(Brosnan).jpg (39kb) certificate_2.jpg (79kb) certificate_3.jpg (63kb) certificate_4.jpg (31kb) certificate_5.jpg (88kb)
certificate_6.jpg (72kb) cheerleaders_2.jpg (42kb) Gord.jpg (27kb) hendo.jpg (42kb) Instructions_1.jpg (44kb)
instructions_10.jpg (51kb) instructions_2.jpg (41kb) Instructions_3.jpg (45kb) Instructions_4.jpg (71kb) instructions_5.jpg (39kb)
instructions_6.jpg (58kb) instructions_7.jpg (61kb) instructions_9.jpg (42kb) Pre-Race_2(incRichardson)_.jpg (36kb) pre-race_3.jpg (30kb)
runners12.jpg (31kb) Runners_1.jpg (44kb) runners_10.jpg (40kb) runners_14.jpg (31kb) runners_16.jpg (32kb)
Runners_5(incGrayBradshaw).jpg (66kb) Runners_7(incButson).jpg (52kb) standinabout.jpg (76kb) standinabout_2.jpg (69kb) standinabout_3(Devoy).jpg (58kb)
standinabout_4.jpg (76kb) standinabout_6.jpg (71kb) StartofFunRun.jpg (40kb) TroyMay_Friends.jpg (35kb) walking(TJAbernathy).jpg (44kb)
walking_2.jpg (48kb) walking_4.jpg (26kb) walking_5(crawling).jpg (39kb)